Virtek Iris ActiveTrack: Bring Laser Projection Mobility To Your Tool

New Unmatched Laser Solution to aid in Streamlining Component Assembly Processes Now precise positioning guidance on mobile tools is possible with Virtek's newest software, IRIS™ ActiveTrack.


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Complete inspection and assembly tasks effortlessly on moving parts. IRIS ActiveTrack is able to project a stable, accurate laser line directly onto any surface to provide operators with the information needed to get the job done more efficiently.

What you will learn:

• How the new IRIS™ ActiveTrack software is used to complete inspection and assembly tasks effortlessly on moving tools.

• How to Inspect Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) ply boundary while a tool such as a mandrel is in motion.

• How operators can gain more productive time during inspection, component assembly or manual layup processes.

• How to overcome shadowing in confined workspaces.

Contact us today to book an online remote demonstration. www.virtekvision.com/activetrack

Virtek is excited to talk to you soon about this newest development. #IrisActiveTrack

Virtek Click Bond Projection
Photo Credit: Virtek Vision Intl.