Introducing GreenPoxy bio-based epoxy resin systems

Sicomin Epoxy Systems offers an introduction to GreenPoxy - the company’s line of bio-based epoxies and gelcoats, available in industrial quantities for a wide range of manufacturing processes and market applications.


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SICOMIN (Châteauneuf les Martigues, France), offer a non-narrated review of its line of bio-based epoxies and gelcoats formulated specifically to minimize environmental impact.  GreenPoxy features up to 51% certified bio-based carbon content and is one of the largest ranges of bio-based resins on the market today, catering for all manufacturing processes and offering uncompromising performance.

The GreenPoxy range includes:

-       GreenPoxy 28 for rapid HP-RTM processes and short cycle times
-       SGi 128 bio-friendly intumescent gelcoat with exceptional FST performance
-       InfuGreen 810 for bio infusion
-       GreenPoxy 33 for compression molding
-       Surf Clear EVO a clear hand-laminating and coating system
-       GreenPoxy 56 the multipurpose bio-based resin

Sicomin’s recently expanded manufacturing capability provides commercial scale bio-based epoxy capacity for the largest of industrial applications, including: Automotive, Civil Engineering, Marine, Wind Energy and Winter and Water Sports.


Photo Credit: Sicomin