Integrating, optimizing automated laser projection solutions

Virtek Vision explores the latest developments of Virtek Iris 3D, the company’s vision-based laser projection system for composites layup and fabrication applications.


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In this Digital Demo, Vincent Tran, product manager at Virtek Vision (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), reviews the most recent developments of the company’s Virtek Iris 3D laser-based templating system, including reduced downtime, faster setup and faster configuration. It includes a summary of the Virtek Iris 3D’s FlashAlign feature that, when paired with the Multitasking feature, helps automate and accelerate projector setup and calibration. Tran concludes with an assessment of how increased efficiencies and time savings quickly return the investment in a Virtek Iris 3D system.

Follow up by requesting a remote demonstration with the Virtek Team by request here: Virtek Iris 3D Remote Demo.

terma layup web

Photo Credit: Virtek Vision