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In addition to more than 800 exhibitors, CAMX 2018 offers several expanded knowledge and networking opportunities on the exhibit floor. Also, for the first time, this year’s exhibits combine CAMX and the Industrial Fabrics Assn. International (IFAI) Expo. IFAI Expo is the industrial fabric industry’s flagship show for commerce, networking and knowledge. CAMX attendees will be able to explore the CAMX and the IFAI exhibit floors for one fee. As part of the nearly 300 IFAI exhibits, you’ll see specialty fabrics, advanced textiles, smart fabrics, geosynthetics and more. More information about the IFAI show is available at ifaiexpo.com.

At CAMX, the Innovation Park, located in Hall F just in front of the CAMX Awards area, delivers specialized zones for learning, networking and inspiration, and gives attendees a new way to interact. Within Innovation Park, you will find the following activities:

New Exhibitor Zone: Discover companies and startups new to CAMX. Find out what these companies do and how they benefit you and your business. Each new company will have a display pod that showcases its brand, products and solutions.

Ask the Expert: Obtain trustworthy answers to real questions in the Consultants Corner. No questions are off limits here. Ask and receive constructive advice, one-on-one, with experienced consultants.

Presentation Theatre: Breaking news, press conferences, special announcement and more will take place in the Presentation Theater. Access free technical presentations, listed in the detailed conference program, and hear the ACE and CAMX awards winners announced.

Connection Zone: Sharing a common bond is the best way to make connections that last. Meet up with people with similar interests in the Connection Zone. Throughout each day, CAMX hosts meet-ups with groups with a variety of shared interests.

Campfire Sessions: Learn from subject matter experts and share your ideas about new trends, ideas and industry developments during campfire sessions, located at either end of Innovation Park. A list of these informal sessions is available in the detailed conference schedule.

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