Architectural cladding composite unveiled

Arcitell, a manufacturer of residential siding products, has unveiled a lightweight fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) panel that replicates traditional brick, stone or wood siding.
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Arcitell (Sugarcreek, Ohio, U.S.), a manufacturer of residential siding products, revealed its innovative alternative to traditional building claddings at the recent 2019 edition of the International Builders Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, Nev., U.S., held Feb. 19-21. Qorad, a lightweight fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) panel that authentically replicates traditional brick, stone or wood siding, is designed to simplify the building process and, given its panelized format, provide an answer to the construction industry’s ongoing labor concerns. Qora will be available in the southeastern U.S. and Texas.

“Qora was born from the belief that Arcitell could produce a cladding product without trade-offs — and our persistence to not stop until that material existed. By creating this joint effort between Canton, Ohio-based Belcap Inc., a member of the Belden family of holdings, and Dublin, Ireland-based Acell Industries, we plan to do just that,” says Jeff Adams, president and CEO.

According to Arcitell, Qora offers simplicity and workability for builders seeking an easier way to meet consumer demand for architectural brick, stone and cedar. The panels — made up of a core of Acell mineral rigid foam, face sheets of glass-reinforced molding compound made with a proprietary phenolic resin supplied by partner Hexion (Columbus, Ohio, U.S.) and the decorative outer face — are pressed and chemically bonded for long-term durability and performance. The decorative panel face incorporates pigments and fillers, often sourced from actual brick, stone and wood.

“Today’s builders and contractors need a product that simplifies the construction process without sacrificing beauty, performance or anything else their customers demand in a cladding product. Qora cladding delivers on each of those points,” says Ben Skoog, vice president of sales and marketing. Most Qora cladding panels weigh between 2 and 3 pounds per square foot — a fraction of the weight of comparable traditional materials, which allows Qora to more easily mitigate cracking, foundation impacts, and other issues associated with heavy cladding.


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