Hotel wrap: Curvilinear pultrusions

Airport hotel’s striking wraparound roofline made possible, durable and affordable with pultruded flat panels and profiled support structures.
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Structural makeover: Big bridge-strengthening project

The 2.5-km/1.6-mile long cable-stayed-concrete West Gate Bridge in Melbourne, Australia, is prepped for added traffic lanes with BASF's MBrace composite reinforcements, pultruded by EPSILON Composite (Gaillan-en-Médoc, France).
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2010 World Pultrusion Conference Report

The biennial pultrusion industry event reflected the effects of the recession but looked forward to better days.
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Structural polyurethanes: Bearing bigger loads

The versatile polymer shows new strength (and other advantages) in pultrusion and core materials applications.
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Mining the potential of polyurethane composites

 Pultruded rollers for mine conveyors outperform steel and portend a huge new market.
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Pultruding cost out of aerospace parts

 Design-for-manufacturing effort proves to be cost-effective for carbon/epoxy airfoil on expendable UAV.
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New Bridge Deck Bests Early FRP Systems

Mechanically fastened, two-piece composite deck system addresses challenges inherent in previous fiber-reinforced polymer deck designs, lowering cost, speeding installation and reducing maintenance.
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Pultruders need some self-control

Pultrusion veteran Joe Sumerak argues that in today’s more-competitive global marketplace, pultruders can no longer afford to overprice their products to compensate for process and supervision inefficiency.
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Inside Manufacturing: Multiphase Process Forms Complex Shapes

Manufacturer adds extrusion and injection molding to thermoplastic pultrusion process to produce corrosion-resistant threaded rod.
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Engineering Insights: All-Composite Hovercraft Rises to Performance Challenge

An exclusive look at a lightweight pultruded and resin-infused design that sets a new standard for amphibious craft.
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