Glass Fibers

Moi Composites debuts 3D-printed glass fiber boat

Moi used its patented CFM 3D printing technology for depositing continuous fibers impregnated with thermosetting resin to develop MAMBO’s unique design. 
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Carbon Fibers

Borealis highlights polypropylene technology for flexible automotive design

Fibremod, the customized carbon and glass fiber-reinforced polypropylene material ensures reduced weight, cost savings and design flexibility.

Glass Fibers

Continental Structural Plastics develops composite EV battery enclosures

CSP’ lightweight composite and multi-material battery covers meet stringent static, dynamic and regulatory requirements for automakers.   
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Carbon Fibers

Building the Museum of the Future

FR composite panels provide structure, sealing and iconic facade for pioneering architecture in Dubai.
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Glass Fibers

UT receives funding for wind turbine blades recycling technology

The university is developing a large-scale glass fiber composite recycling system as an end-of-life (EoL) solution for wind blades.
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Glass Fibers

Norplex-Micarta acquires Solvay E-glass product line

Solvay’s CYPLY line, based on a nonwoven, continuous parallel filament E-glass with epoxy resin, will be rebranded to NorPLY upon closing.

Glass Fibers

PRF Composite Materials introduces unidirectional glass prepreg

The unidirectional (UD) glass prepreg provides good results for UD carbon and glass fibers, as well as woven fabrics in PRF epoxy prepreg systems. 


National Composites Week: Top 20 stories in the last decade

As we celebrate National Composites Week, we’ve collected our top content over the last ten years.
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Glass Fibers

AIT Bridges ships first composite bridge system to the West Coast

Comprised of 12 fiberglass composite arches, the bridge was spliced, transported and reassembled on-site, expediting the building process.
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Reimagining wind blade design

Wind turbine blade architecture is so well established that it’s difficult to imagine there might be a better alternative. ACT Blade’s skeleton-based design is a step in that direction.
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