Carbon Fibers

Composite Recycling Technology Center launches recycled carbon fiber sports bench

The bench, launched with the remodel of a Washington-based aquatic center, is said to be durable and easy to clean for sports and aquatic facilities.

Carbon Fibers

South Korean carbon fiber recycling start-up scales up

With plans for growth, CATACK-H claims its solvolysis-based recycling process can reclaim high-quality fibers and resins from materials and finished parts.
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Addcomposites installs AFP-XS at Compositadour and integrates humm3 flash lamp

French technology platform expands access to composites beyond aerospace, while humm3 offers cost-effective dry fiber and thermoplastic tape placement in addition to CF/epoxy prepregs.


Mansory Audi RSQ8 conversion incorporates carbon fiber

The high-performance SUV boasts carbon fiber front, side and rear skirts, as well as a composite hood. Carbon fiber trim completes the look.


Batelle earns $46.3 million contract to support composites manufacturing

The seven-year contract will help the U.S. DoD support the rapid maturation and integration of manufacturing innovations to produce thermal protection materials and carbon fiber. 

Carbon Fibers

Hybrid, large-format additive tooling: Lighter, faster, less costly molds for big parts

Additively manufactured cores, CFRP face skins produce large tools for prototype, low-volume aerostructure parts.
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ATL Composites contributes to concrete pillar remediation project

Six new support pillars incorporate Hexcel ZU300 UD carbon fiber and ATL’s Technirez R2517 epoxy resin with H2431 slow hardener that will protect against storm water issues.
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SGL Carbon, Koller Kunststofftechnik manufacture composite windshield

Injection molded carbon fiber profiles for future BMW Group models cut 40% of weight compared to conventional steel construction and offer potential use in other automotive projects. 


AVK announces winners of 2020 Innovation Awards

Several sustainable composite innovations were recognized and awarded in the Innovative Products/Applications, Innovative Processes and Research and Science categories.

Additive Manufacturing

ElectraFly, AnalySwift win U.S. Air Force STTR grants

Winning concept proposals include CBAM fabrication of aircraft parts, use of an infusion process for larger parts and development of an integrated computational blade engineering (ICBE) framework.