ReComposite LLC

More than seven years' experience in carbon fiber recycling and high-performance thermoplastic composite product design and commercialization. Also offering consulting services in rocket propulsion materials, including hardware design, process design, material selection, training, and proposal (FAR-compliant) preparation.

100 W Fifth St.
Unit 2H
Long Beach, CA 90802 US


Product Categories of ReComposite LLC

  • Fibers, organic
    • Carbon, PAN-based
  • Reinforcements, unimpregnated
    • Carbon
      • Carbon, Chopped strand
      • Carbon, Mat, chopped strand
  • Prepregs, thermoplastic
    • Fabric
    • Mat
    • RTP sheet (GMT)
    • Self-reinforced polymers (SRPs)
    • Tape
    • Other thermoplastic prepregs
  • Compounds
    • Thermoplastic, long fiber-reinforced (LFRT)
Design, testing, consulting, other services
  • Education/Training
  • Product design
  • Recycling services
  • Consulting
    • Consulting, environmental
    • Consulting, materials
    • Consulting, process development