Nexam Chemical AB

World-leading supplier of heat-activated reactive additives for polymers and composites. End-cappers and crosslinkers for high performance polyimides, polyamides and other polymers. NEXIMID and NEXAMITE modifiers are tailored for improved processing and enhanced physical properties. Producer of high-temperature PI composite RTM-resin.

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Lomma, 23435 SE

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Industrigatan 27
Lomma, SE-23435 SE
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As Seen In CompositesWorld

Nexam Chemical extends cooperation with Diab
Diab’s PET foam products contain Nexam Chemical's additive NEXAMITE technology.

Diab to develop PET foam with Nexam’s NEXAMITE technology
This collaboration, which begins in 2016, is aimed at creating a long-term supply agreement.

Nexam Chemical launches high-Tg polyimide for RTM
Nexam Chemical has introduced NEXIMID MHT-R, a new easy-to-process polyimide resin for use in high-temperature applications, with a Tg of more than 400°C.

High-Performance Resins 2010 Highlights
Inaugural conference for the advanced resins research crowd updates formulators and processors on the latest developments.

F-22 afterburners

Resins for the Hot Zone, Part II: BMIs, CEs, benzoxazines and phthalonitriles
Next-generation aerospace programs demand higher temperatures for structural and hot-section components, fostering advances in thermoset resin chemistry.

Hot zone chart

Resins for the Hot Zone, Part I: Polyimides
 As next-generation aerospace programs demand higher service temperatures in structural and hot section components, a variety of polyimides vie for program approval.

Simulated rocket exhaust

Are high-temp thermosets ready to go commercial?
Developed for the U.S. military, these high-performance matrices are branching out into wider use.

Product Categories of Nexam Chemical AB

  • Catalysts, promoters and curing agents
    • Curing agents, others
  • Resin additives & modifiers
    • Coupling agents
    • Viscosity control agents
    • Other additives/modifiers