Machinists Inc.

Has been solving complex machining problems for more than 50 years. The largest precision machining shop in the Northwest, specializing in single components to complete manufacturing systems, 24/7.

7600 Fifth Ave. S
PO Box 80505
Seattle, WA 98108 US


Product Categories of Machinists Inc.

Primary manufacturing equipment
  • Automatic tape layers
  • Filament winding machines and software controls
Tools/tooling materials
  • Other tools/tooling materials
  • Tools
    • Prototype
  • Mandrels
    • Mandrels, aluminum
    • Mandrels, steel
    • Mandrels, other
  • Tooling equipment, materials and supplies
    • Backup structures
Auxiliary processing equipment, repair equipment, and supplies
  • Auxiliary processing equipment
    • CNC machining equipment (multiaxis)
    • Drilling and cutting tools
    • Grinders, granulators, pulverizers
    • Material handling equipment
    • Robotic handling equipment
    • Rollers
    • Routers
Fabricating services
  • Thermoplastic materials
    • Cutting, finishing, and machining
    • Prototyping
  • Thermoset materials
    • Cutting, finishing, and machining
Design, testing, consulting, other services
  • Finite element modeling/analysis (FEM/FEA)
  • Inspection services
  • Repair services, equipment and machines