Hydrojet Inc.

450 Gateway Dr.
Reading , PA 19601 US


Product Categories of Hydrojet Inc.

Adhesive bonding
Adhesive bonding
Aerospace, aircraft interior
Aerospace, fuselage/wing
Aerospace, radomes
Armor, composite
Autoclave cure
Autoclave cure
Automotive, body panels & substructures
Automotive, interior (seats, IPCs, floor panels, etc.)
Automotive, underhood
CAD/CAM/CAE design
Carbon/carbon composites
Composite, carbon fiber/epoxy
Composite, fiberglass
Composite, prepreg
Cutting, finishing, and machining
Cutting, finishing, and machining
Flywheels, composite
Graphite, monolithic
Hand layup
Hand layup
Honeycomb structures
Honeycomb structures
Infrastructure, composite
Inspection services
Laminate panels, with core
Laminate sheets, solid
Mandrels, aluminum
Mandrels, other
Mandrels, steel
Marine, boat (hulls, decks, bulkheads, etc.)
Marine, other
Metal matrix composites
Metal, aluminum
Metal, other
Metal, steel
Other composite structures
Other tools/tooling materials
Testing, product