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Next-generation composites qualification
Fully digital qualification hasn’t yet arrived, but simulation and analysis software continue to evolve and work together with physical testing practices.

Hexagon’s e-Xstream engineering presents improved Digimat software

Hexagon’s e-Xstream engineering presents improved Digimat software
The multi-scale material modeling software enables more comprehensive advanced composite design capabilities. 

New Digimat 2019.1 release enables smarter fiber-reinforced composite design values, allowables and crash modeling

New Digimat 2019.1 release enables smarter fiber-reinforced composite design values, allowables and crash modeling
Upgrades include high fiber content virtual test with 10-100 times faster analyses and progressive damage analysis using the Camanho method.  

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Thermoplastic door a first for automotive composites
A team of automotive researchers are engaged in a four-year project with goals of building a lighter, 100% recyclable, carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic door.

JEC World 2018 preview: e-Xstream engineering
Digimat 2018 revolutionary material modeling platform

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Accelerating materials insertion: Where do virtual allowables fit?
In the quest to reduce the time and cost for aerocomposite design allowables development, will conventional physical testing and virtual testing go head-to-head or work side-by-side?

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Testing is inefficient: Material simulation’s advantage over the status quo
Although simulation cannot replace validation and certification testing, it can offer a path to greater testing efficiency.

Understanding the influence of fiber orientation on structural analysis of fiber-filled parts
The effect of fiber orientation on material properties is a key way the injection molding process impacts mechanical performance. Doug Kenik and Angie Schrader of the Design, Lifecycle & Simulation product group at Autodesk (Waltham, MA, US) illustrates two ways fiber orientation influences the structural behavior of fiber-filled parts and discuss the need for a bi-directional approach to design and analysis.

Software Update: Simulation saves
A look inside the increasingly well-equipped virtual toolbox for composite design, analysis, and manufacturing.

SPE ACCE 2013 Review
The SPE’s annual Automotive Composites Conference & Exhibition gets a bigger venue, an expanded program and its best attendance ever.

HPC goes to SPE ACCE
CT Editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan fields initial reports from two CT staffers about the recent — and growing — Society of Plastics Engineers' Automotive Composites Conference and Exhibition.

SPE ACCE 2012 Review
Bursting at the seams, the 12th annual Society of Plastic Engineers Automotive Composites Conference and Exhibition tops its previous bests.

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