Bayview Composites LCC

13593 Bayview Edison Rd.
Mt. Vernon , WA 98273 US


Product Categories of Bayview Composites LCC

Adhesive bonding
Aerospace, aircraft interior
Aerospace, fuselage/wing
Aerospace, radomes
Armor, composite
Automotive, body panels & substructures
CAD/CAM/CAE design
Carbon/carbon composites
Coating and painting
Composite, carbon fiber/epoxy
Composite, fiberglass
Composite, other
Composite, prepreg
Cutting, finishing, and machining
Cutting, finishing, and machining
Finite element modeling/analysis (FEM/FEA)
Graphite, cast
Hand layup
Honeycomb structures
Hybrid materials
Infrastructure, composite
Integrally heated
Laminate panels, with core
Laminate sheets, solid
Marine, boat (hulls, decks, bulkheads, etc.)
Marine, docks/pilings
Marine, other
Moldmaking and patternmaking
Other composite structures
Other fabricating services
Other thermoset fabricating services
Product design
Prototype, plaster
Resin injection
RTM/resin infusion
Structural reaction injection molding (SRIM)
Vacuum forming
Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM)
Welding and sealing