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reuse of thermoplastic tape scrap

Zero-waste: New process, equipment recycles prepreg, tape offal
Technology provides sustainable approach to reusing valuable thermoplastic scrap in chips-based laminate.

Cetim QSD design process for tailored blanks and parts using thermoplastic composite tapes and organosheet

Design engineering of tailored preforms
Tailored preforming has opened new doors in composites fabrication, but designing for it requires tools that understand and work with this complex process.

Thermoplastic composites: Past the tipping point?
The manufacturing world watched a decade ago as automatically placed thermoset composite tapes replaced aluminum in commercial airframes and made composites a household word in markets around the world. Has the time come for thermoplastic composite tapes to make a similar impact?

Voith Composites automated composites production for Audi A8 rear wall

Automation, automotive, recycling and more from JEC World 2018
Mass production of automotive composites, recycling and composites in shipbuilding are just some of the themes from this year’s JEC.

2013 JEC Europe new product showcase
The JEC Europe 2013 trade show (March 12-14, at the Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles, Paris, France) was the venue for introductions of a large number of new composite materials, technologies and manufacturing processes. Here's the HPC editorial staff's compilation of what was on display.

Product Categories of Van Wees UD and Crossply Technology BV

Automatic tape layers
Automatic tape laying
Automatic tape laying
Coaters, knife-over-roll
Coaters, reverse roll
Commingled/cowoven/coserved yarns
Consulting, process development
Consulting, procurement/purchasing/specification
Continuous laminating machines
Creels and bobbins, for fiber
Impregnation lines
Impregnation lines, film-based
Impregnation lines, hot melt
Impregnation lines, solvent
Metering/dispensing equipment
Other fabricating services
Other services
Other thermoplastic prepregs
Other thermoplastics fabricating services
Other thermoset fabricating services
Preform manufacturing equipment
Preform manufacturing equipment
Pressure forming
Product design
RTP sheet, continuously reinforced
Tensioning equipment
Web measurement and control equipment
Welding and sealing