JEC World 2018 preview: e-Xstream engineering

Digimat 2018 revolutionary material modeling platform


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e-Xstream engineering, a leader in multi-scale modeling of composite materials and structures, will demonstrate Digimat 2018 for the first time at JEC World 2018 (Mar 6-8, Paris, France) in Hall 6, Booth D37.

This latest software was developed to offer automotive and aerospace manufacturers advanced levels of efficiency, combined with a highly intuitive platform. Users can now benefit from a faster, more robust system with access to additional molding manufacturing data and extended additive manufacturing material, process and part performance capabilities.

Digimat 2018 speeds up the development process for composite materials and structures, says Dr. Roger Assaker, chief material strategist of MSC Software and CEO of e-Xstream engineering. He notes that attendees at JEC will see this first-hand when Digimat 2018 is demonstrated live on the stand as part of the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence end-to-end suite of solutions.

Hexagon acquired e-Xstream engineering’s parent company MSC Software in 2017. “This comprehensive demonstration will highlight how the different products in Hexagon’s portfolio fit together to create a more productive, higher quality manufacturing process,” says Assaker.


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