JEC World 2018 preview: DORNIER Composite Systems

New customized equipment for semi-finished products and in-house production of thermoplastic tapes
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The Composite Systems division of Lindauer DORNIER GmbH will demonstrate the expertise it has acquired over decades in building machinery for producing semi-finished goods from carbon, glass, aramid and basalt fiber for composites. In addition to DORNIER P1 roving weaving machines used to produce carbon fabric worldwide, the company also supplies tape weaving machines, 3D weaving machines and modular tape production lines.

DORNIER Composite Systems also serves the very vibrant tape market with its own production plant, manufacturing dry and fully impregnated tapes in widths up to 600 mm and at speeds up to 30 m/min, including thermoplastic tapes impregnated inline. The uniform and controlled alignment of the fibers for the impregnation process is realized by a complex spreading mechanism, also developed by DORNIER. “We obtain very high spreading values”, says Dr. Josef Klingele, product manager for DORNIER Composite Systems. Further processing of these thermoplastic tapes via DORNIER’s tape weaving machine results in more economic production of woven organosheet.

 “Composite components are subject to enormous constraints; no two machines for manufacturing semi-finished goods are the same”, explains Klingele. In order to meet customer requirements, DORNIER has established a technology center where specific system concepts for manufacturing semi-finished products are tested, and customer trials conducted. For more information visit DORNIER Composite Systems in Hall 6, Booth D43 at JEC World 2018 (Mar 6-8, Paris, France).