Orca Group forms European carbon fiber composite group

The Angeloni Group combines four companies with expertise in the carbon fiber composite supply chain into one vertically integrated group.
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Orca Group carbon fiber composites


The Orca Group (Mouscron, Belgium), specializing in elastomer coated textiles and thermoplastic multilayer films, has launched a third branch dedicated to carbon fabrics and high-tech composite materials. The branch, called the Angeloni Group, brings together Orca with its partners G. Angeloni, ITT, Dynanotex and Impregnatex into one entity.

The Angeloni Group has been set up to offer expertise, innovation, efficiency and flexibility to customers operating in the technical composite materials market. Each of the four companies in the group plays a different role the initiative:

  • G. Angeloni srl (Quarto d’Altino, Italy) is a trading company for composite raw materials, including carbon fabrics;
  • ITT srl (Lesmo, Italy), develops and produces reinforced textiles or fabrics based on high-tech fibers;
  • Dynanotex srl (Quarto d’Altino, Italy,) develops and produces special reinforcements through patented technologies; and
  • Impregnatex Compositi (Castano Primo, Italy), develops and produces prepreg reinforcements.

The unification into a single vertically integrated group is designed to provide efficient solutions, high levels of service, and reactivity and reliability in the supply to customers, with the objective to address niche markets around the world. 

After the acquisitions of Pennel & Flipo in 2015, then Fait Plast in 2017, Orca, which will manage the Angeloni Group, continues to accelerate its strategy to build a pan-European player in highly technical engineered materials. With this acquisition, Orca plans to become a top producer of carbon fabrics in Europe.

Mario and Marco Angeloni, the historical shareholders of Angeloni, and Claudio Torno, the founder of Impregnatex, will reinvest into the operation, hold their managerial position during a transition period and then enter the new Board of Directors. Moreover, the second generation of Angeloni and Torno families will gain in responsibility in order to anticipate the future development of the companies.

“The new group has a very extensive industry knowledge supported by a very dynamic team with over 30 years of experience,” says Mario Angeloni, historical shareholder of G. Angeloni. “Based on our know-how in the carbon composite materials’ value chain, we can support customers globally with dedicated and highly qualified technical teams to provide fast and targeted customer project’s solutions.”


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