FACC recognizes top-performing suppliers

Top winners of FACC’s annual Supplier Awards include autoclave and composites manufacturers.
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On May 9, FACC (Ried im Innkreis, Austria) presented its annual Supplier Excellence Awards to strategic partners at its Supplier Conference. To honor exemplary supplier performance, FACC awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze awards along with a Special Performance Award. 

The Special Performance Award was presented to Scholz Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG (Coesfeld, Germany) for its installation of two autoclaves for FACC. One of the autoclaves, measuring 19.9 meters in length with a diameter of 6.1 meters, is the largest in use by FACC.

The winner of the Gold Supplier Award was Isovolta AG (Wiener Neudorf, Austria), a global composites manufacturer that has been supplying FACC with prepregs, especially for its cabin interiors divison, for more than 20 years, FACC says. 


FACC supplier awards

Representatives from Isovolta accept FACC’s top supplier award at a ceremony on May 9.

Source | FACC


FlammAerotec GmbH (Schwerin, Germany) was recognized for the Silver award, for its production of precision sheet metal formed parts and machined parts.

The Bronze award was presented to Kellner & Kunz AG (Wels, Austria), service provider for tools, chemical-technical products, fastening technology and work safety, for competance as FACC’s management partner of C-parts.

“It is always a pleasure for us to honor our suppliers for their excellent performances in the past year,” says Rudolf Leitner, executive vice president of procurement at FACC. “Our suppliers continued commitment ensures that we can offer innovative solutions that meet the requirements of our customers.”

Every year, FACC bestows these awards to those suppliers who offer special performances in the fields of product quality, reliability, cooperation, customer service, as well as efficiency enhancement and process-optimizing measures.

More than 190 suppliers took part in the FACC Supplier Conference. Also during the event, CEO Robert Machtlinger presented the business strategy of the company and emphasized the importance of quality, operative excellence, social responsibility, as well as positive partnership in supplier management. “The conference was an excellent forum to strengthen our supplier relationships and to communicate the most important strategic priorities ensuring a powerful partnership,” Machtlinger says. "A strong supply chain is key to our business activities as a recognized technology partner for the global aerospace industry. I am very happy that so many supplier partners joined this important conference. Further events will follow so we can shape the mobility of the future together.” 


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