Teijin Aramid program produces bio-based, high-performance aramid fibers

The 2018 pilot program, in partnership with BioBTW, successfully produces Twaron yarn from bio-based aromatic materials without altering the material properties. 


ThermHex launches new honeycomb core, aims for carbon neutrality

Retaining a Class A surface, the newest core product was produced via electricity from renewable energy sources. With several notable achievements, ThermHex is also looking for distributors.


U.K. launches initiative for recyclable wind turbine blade technologies

The SusWIND initiative, addressing the recyclability and future development of composite wind turbine blades, will be delivered in three developments.


Boeing, Etihad sustainability alliance test ecoDemonstrator 787

The ecoDemonstrator program uses commercial aircraft to test technologies that can make aviation safer and more sustainable now and into the future. Use of a 787-10 Dreamliner will evaluate ways to reduce emissions and noise while flying on sustainable fuel.


Polestar announces production plans for natural composites-intensive BEV

The Precept battery electric vehicle, developed by Volvo’s Polestar brand, is said to feature Bcomp interior and exterior flax fiber composite panels.

Natural Fibers

Hypetex, SHD offer colored carbon fiber prepreg solutions

The partnership will supply Hypetex-colored fabrics with SHD’s MTC500 series epoxy resin systems, enabling visual component finishes and the potential for weight and cost savings.

Fibre Extrusion Technology contributes to sustainable composite solutions

FET’s range of laboratory and pilot melt spinning extrusion lines are suitable for process and end product development of sustainable materials.

Glass Fibers

Arkema wins Pierre Potier Prize for Elium thermoplastic resin

Following a depolymerization, purification and reformulation process, the resulting Elium thermoplastic resin is said to enable the manufacture of 100% recyclable wind turbine blades. 

Mass Transit

Arrival announces plans to establish first U.S. microfactory

The South Carolina-based microfactory will be the London-based company’s approach to bring down the cost of electric vehicles and accelerate mass adoption. Operations are expected to begin Q2 2021.


Episode 34: Carmelo Lo Faro, Solvay Composite Materials

Carmelo Lo Faro, president of Solvay Composite Materials, talks about how he sees aerocomposites evolving in the time of COVID-19, the rise of computational power to evolve composites use, the prospects for increased composites use in the automotive market, and the increasing importance of education in the composites industry.


Airborne Oil & Gas reinforces energy transition journey as Strohm

Rebranded as Strohm, the company works to confirm its commitment to the oil and gas sector’s goals to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. 


Natural fiber crash box design for motorsport

The natural fiber Front Impact Absorbing Structure (FIAS) prototype showed desired crash behavior and eradication of sharp splintering, proving it as an alternative to carbon fiber in motorsport applications.

Carbon Fibers

Brightlands Materials Center advances continuous fiber 3D printing in Limberg Bike

Other composites innovations include recyclable CFRP connectors, interwoven Dynema/carbon fiber reinforcements and integrating damage sensors into the frame.


EconCore announces partnership for sustainable car concept project

Dubbed Luca, the concept car incorporates EconCore’s recycled PET honeycomb cores, as well as other waste materials including horse hair, coconut fiber, flax and plastic bottles.

magniX selected as propulsion partner for Universal Hydrogen carbon-free aircraft

magniX’s electric propulsion system will power Universal Hydrogen’s fully carbon-free Dash 8.


Kinetic NRG, ACS-A design composite hydro-electric turbine blade

The 1.5-meter composite blade will enable Kinetic NRG’s hydro-electric generator to generate power in Australian channels and streams at flow rates of two meters per second.


Arkema's partnership with ZEBRA project commits to circular economy

Arkema’s Elium thermoplastic resins might be key to the project’s goal to design and produce the first 100% recyclable wind turbine blade. 

Composite Integration, Hill Helicopters collaborate to manufacture HX50

Composites Integration will design and manufacture tooling and first off components for the high-performance composite fuselage of the private luxury HX50 rotorcraft.

Huber announces plans for sustainability investment project

The project proposes replacement of its Martinswerk facility lignite power plant with a natural gas-fired co-generation plant to reduce CO2 emissions.

Glass Fibers

UT receives funding for wind turbine blades recycling technology

The university is developing a large-scale glass fiber composite recycling system as an end-of-life (EoL) solution for wind blades.


AZL Aachen webinar: Sustainability and recycling

AZL Aachen is hosting the fourth webinar in its Lightweight TechTalk series, titled, “Sustainability and Recycling of Composites,” on Tuesday, Sept. 29, 5:00 am-7:00 am EDT (11:00 am-1:00 pm CET).  


BP, Equinor partner for U.S. offshore wind energy development

The Empire and Beacon projects will have a total generating capacity of 2 GW and 2.4 GW respectively. Together, both locations will provide power for two million U.S. households.     

NCC, Network Rail join to construct composite footbridge

The U.K.’s National Composites Centre (NCC) and National Rail are teaming up to develop a composite footbridge with reduced cost and greenhouse gas emissions.


Armacell expands PET foams production

Armacell has begun construction on expansion of its Thimister-Clermont PET Foam plant. This expansion will increase the site’s capacity to 180,000 cubic meters of eco-friendly engineered foam.