Maximizing Performance and Value of Semi-Permanent Release Agents for Fiberglass Molding

December 14, 2020

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Before the invention of semi-permanent release agents, wax and PVA were the common mold release for fiberglass molding which were very labor intensive and unable to produce multiple releases between applications. The transition to semi-permanent releases did provide significant labor savings and better mold throughput. However, there are issues that manufacturers may experience, such as pre-release, causing fish-eyes in gel coats, or poor release due to misapplication. This webinar addresses solutions to these issues.

Primary Topics:

  • Solutions to correct pre-release of parts from their molds
  • Recommendations on how to get the best gloss on molds and parts
  • Discussion of the use of release agents that have varying slip
  • New labor-saving products



Russ Powers

Industrial Technical Manager, Composites & Aerospace; Chem-Trend

Russ Powers has over 30 years of experience in the mold release industry. Starting in sales, he has called on a wide variety of industries across North America, and has provided mold release solutions for many different molding applications. He has been with Chem-Trend since 2017 and he is their Industry Technical Manager for Composites and Aerospace and is based in San Diego, CA.