New Developments in Resin & Adhesive Technology to Meet the Challenges and Demands of Composite Manufacturing

September 25

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As composite manufacturing processes and techniques advance, so must the components that make them suitable replacements from traditional materials. During this webinar we will explain the latest products and technologies available that have been developed specifically to meet the ever demanding and challenging production of composite parts. This latest generation of resins and adhesives tackle both production and high-end application performances challenges in equal measure. This combination makes them an ideal solution for future composites part manufacture. 

Primary Topics: 
- About resin technology that allows for "high rate" production 
- How higher "toughness" leads to more durable products 
- About dissimilar substrate bonding solutions 
- What multiple "structural" adhesive technologies are available 

Presenters: Tom Gast and Jeffrey Starcher 
Tom Gast is a 1990 graduate of Elon University and has 20 years experience supplying products and solutions to manufacturers in various composite markets such as marine, wind, transportation and architectural. His expertise and knowledge of adhesive technologies; structural adhesives in particular, have been instrumental in the design, efficiency improvements, and dispense variations of adhesives in the modern manufacturing environments. Key engineers often look to Tom for realistic and credible information in their quest to build stronger, lighter, faster and more durable structures. Tom is employed as the Sales Development Manager at Scott Bader Inc. 

Jeffrey holds a B.S. Degree in Business from Indiana Wesleyan Univ., has worked almost his entire career in the chemical industry. His industry experiences include lab technician at Bayer polyurethanes, bench chemist for Lord Corp. At Lord, he made the move from’ lab work to sales and then sales management. For the past 11 years, Jeff has been working for Scott Bader Inc. Jeff was in sales the first 10 years and this year has moved to Business Manager for Crestapol Urethane Acrylate resins.