Improving Cosmetics in Closed Mold Applications

July 13

Customer expectations for FRP part appearance continue to increase as FRP is used in more and varied applications and as manufacturers continually work to improve products. Increasing use of closed molding processes to fabricate FRP parts brings new challenges to achieving high quality surface finishes. A panel of industry leading experts from Polynt-Reichhold, 3A Composites, and Vectorply will discuss cosmetic standards and sources of cosmetic flaws. They will review material selection including gel coats, barrier coats, resins, coring internal flow media, and engineered fabrics. Processing methods for improving cosmetics in closed molded FRP parts will also be discussed 

This webinar is part of Polynt-Reichhold's industry leading composites training program. The presenters, Rick Pauer and Gary Wilde of Polynt-Reichhold, Mike Ditzler of Vectorply and Eric Heilshorn of 3A Composites have a combined 100 plus years of experience in the composites industry and have participated in all areas of the FRP part cycle from materials development and part design to part manufacture and service. Their varied experiences and unique perspectives will provide the latest and most comprehensive guidance available on closed molded FRP part cosmetics. 

Primary Topics: 
• Root causes of cosmetic flaws in FRP 
• Material selection considerations for cosmetic improvements 
• Laminate design suggestions for cosmetic improvements 
• Processing suggestions for cosmetic improvements 

Presenters: Rick Pauer, Gary Wilde, Mike Ditzler, and Eric Heilshorn

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