Improving Composites Processing through Water-Based Mold Release Agents by Chem-Trend

September 03, 2020

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After the Montreal Protocol in the late 1980s, manufacturers in almost every type of industry have been tasked with removing ozone depleting chlorinated solvents out of their products. And almost universally, all of the various industries' first commercialized water-based products did not work as well their previous solvent-based counterparts. Water-based technology has improved significantly since then, and Chem-Trend wants to help their customers reduce their carbon footprint and present their latest water-based products in mold cleaners, mold primers, mold sealers, and mold release agents.

Primary Topics:

  • Replace hazardous solvents in cleaners with water-based versions
  • The importance of using a mold primer on composite tooling
  • Non-silicone water-based release with no heat cure
  • Benefits and more

Russ Powers
Industry Technical Manager - Composites & Aerospace, Chem-Trend
Russ Powers has over 30 years of experience in the mold release industry. Russ worked with several different technologies and territories across all North America.  This has given him vast experience in molding applications across many industries.