UV Cured Powder Coating of Plasma Treated Heat Sensitive Substrates

September 15, 2020

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UV-cured powder coating on carbon fiber tubes

This webinar will discuss how the combination of a conductive primer, plasma treatment, and UV curable powder coatings is a viable way to finish heat-sensitive substrates without thermal damage or deformation. It will describe plasma treating, operating conditions, and surface condition measurements before and after plasma treating as well as adhesion results on various substrates. It will conclude with an evaluation of suitable substrates for plasma treating and UV cured powder coating performance results.

Primary Topics:

  • Application and performance benefits of plasma and UV powder coating
  • Differences between types of coatings on heat-sensitive materials
  • Identify products and materials that benefit from this finishing technology


Andrew Walton
Business Development, Keyland Polymer
Andrew Walton, Business Development for Keyland Polymer helps companies discover new coating opportunities using UV powder coating in military, aerospace, automotive, and healthcare industries. Prior to joining Keyland, Andrew held a position as a Specifications Representative for DVUV, Keyland's sister company.  He holds his BA from Fordham University.

Evan Knoblauch
Project Manager, Keyland Polymer
Evan Knoblauch, Project Manager for Keyland Polymer guides the customer through the project process from receiving substrate samples, to managing R&D trials, coordinating equipment suppliers, and technical support. Evan holds a BA in Economics from Denison University.