8th Annual Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Summit

August 20 - 22, 2019

Now in its 8th year, GALM Detroit is the world's leading automotive lightweighting conference providing design solutions, modeling, material strategies, joining processes, advanced structures and manufacturing innovation insights.

The event returns this year to the Cobo Center in Detroit, Mich., U.S., and features an agenda which reflects the industry's investment into a new generation of electric vehicles (EV) and autonomous vehicles by both established OEMs and start-ups. 

Highlights of the 2019 agenda include:

  • Material Selection For EV & Autonomous Vehicle Architectures And Structures
  • Adopting The Latest Dissimilar Material Joining Combinations With Fasteners, Welding And Adhesives
  • Implementing Manufacturing 4.0 For Integrated Design And Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Process Innovation Through Additive With Metals At Larger Scale
  • Optimizing Multi-Material Combinations For EV & Autonomous Vehicle Lightweighting
  • Evaluating Materials For Safety & Enhanced Crashworthiness Performance
  • Automated Testing Best Practices For Evaluating Joint Quality Designing Carbon Fiber And Plastic Composites Effectively Into Body Structures

2019 expert speakers and advisory board includes:

  • Dr. Venkat Aitharaju, Senior Researcher, Polymer Composites, R&D Technical Center, General Motors
  • Dr. Fei Xiong, Vice President, Product Engineering, Electric Vehicles, Qiantu Motor
  • Hank Bonutti, Advanced Technology Manager, Mahindra NATC,
  • John Catterall, Executive Director, Auto/Steel Partnership (A/SP)
  • Leon Kaunitz, Director of Body, Structural Engineering and Advanced Technology, NIO
  • Elie Tohme , Director, Body Engineering Karma Automotive
  • Bruce Gordon, Head of Engineering, Electra Meccanica Vehicles Corp.


8th Annual Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Summit 2019

COBO Center
1 Washington Blvd.
Detroit, MI United States of America