Advanced Optical Composite Validation and Digital Manufacturing

December 02, 2020

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ARAMIS 3D optical testing system

The continuous advancement in composites is leading to better, cheaper, and higher quality parts.

To achieve these advantages, changes in how we test and validate our parts has led to the development of full-field optical measurement systems. Therefore, more and more industries, including aerospace, civil engineering, sports, biomedical, and automotive, are turning to 3D optical testing to make sure their parts last the test of time.

In this webinar, you will learn why the largest companies trust 3D optical testing and the technology using 3D Digital Image Correlation and Dynamic Photogrammetry for their 3D shape displacement, strain, and vibration measurements and for validating FEA models. You will see real applications in the composites world and discover not only how our ARAMIS 3D optical testing system delivers superior data but how it also helps companies save time and money on their testing process.

Primary Topics:

  • Discover 3D optical testing for strain and deformation analysis
  • Learn how to measure high-speed tests accurately
  • Discover real-time InSitu NDE measurements for making perfect parts
  • Understand how optical measurements make manufacturing cheaper and more efficient



John Tyson II, PE

President, Trilion Quality Systems

John Tyson II, PE is the founder and president of Trilion Quality Systems, a manufacturer and developer of advanced optical measurement systems. He has more than 35 years' experience in the field of laser based and optical inspection methods of holography, shearography, digital image correlation and photogrammetry, has eight patents in the field, developing test applications for the B2 and Space Shuttle. He is a graduate of Duke University with a BSE in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, and is a professional engineer.