Waterjet Cutting: The Right Solution in the Manufacturing of Composite Materials

September 28, 2020

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waterjet cutting tool

The webinar will present the benefits of waterjet cutting technology in the manufacturing of a wide range of composite materials. After an introduction to the process and its scope of application, CMS will explore the technical aspects and specificities to consider when approaching this technology. A presentation of the highly advanced, and often exclusive, solutions developed by CMS, with its solid experience as worldwide leader in the processing of composite materials, will complete the webinar.

Primary Topics:

  • The waterjet cutting process and its application in the composite industry
  • How a waterjet can improve and optimize the manufacturing of composite materials
  • Configure the right waterjet cutting system to complement and enhance your capabilities
  • CMS’s exclusive and advanced solutions, at your disposal

Roberto Impellittiere
Product Manager, Metal; CMS North America
Roberto is currently CMS North America’s Metal Division Product Manager. With almost 10 years spent exclusively in the waterjet industry, Roberto has had experience with waterjet cutting technology and machinery in a variety of manufacturing and industrial sectors, including aerospace, medical companies, as well as fabrication and machine shops. Always driven by the application, his current role is to support customers and dealers in the identification of the correct products to meet their production and manufacturing needs.