Uncovering Non-Obvious Variables in Surface Preparation Processes for Bonding and Coating of Composites

June 04, 2019 |

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Surface preparation for aerospace and automotive bonding and coating operations are still largely manual processes. These processes are effective if implemented with proper process control feedback. Success in the development laboratory doesn't always translate into reliable manufacturing processes. Root cause analysis has shown that this usually stems directly from a lack of knowledge of all of the variables that can affect the success of a surface preparation process. Variables, when not identified, cannot be measured and controlled. 

Primary Topics: 

  • Develop a conceptual understanding of bonding and coating processes
  • Gain an awareness of non-obvious variables that affect reliability of adhesion 

Dr. Giles Dillingham 
CEO and Chief Scientist 

Giles Dillingham has worked in the areas of surfaces, interfaces, and adhesive bonding for 30 years, and has over 120 publications and patents in these areas. After receiving his Ph.D. in Materials Science from the University of Cincinnati in 1987, Dr. Dillingham worked in the Advanced Composites Laboratory of the Dow Chemical Company. Returning to Cincinnati he worked on plasma processing of materials and adhesive bonding of advanced composites while incorporating and growing BTG Labs since 2001.