Qualification Approach for Induction Welding of Thermoplastic Composites Using UD-Based Materials

November 12, 2020

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Welding cell for research and qualification

KVE has a track record of nearly 20 years of developing their induction welding process for carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics. This webinar will discuss the process fundamentals and the current qualified and flying applications in carbon fabric PPS produced by Tier 1 aerospace suppliers. Recently, a shift could be seen towards UD-tape based laminates composed of high-end polymers. In order to qualify the welding of these new materials, KVE has developed a weld set-up, which allows for welding of standardized coupons. The welding technology, tooling, and equipment are available for the industry.


Primary Topics:

  • KVE induction welding process description
  • Qualification roadmap for new materials
  • Showcase of applications



Maarten Labordus

R&D Manager, KVE Composites Group

Aerospace engineer with an extensive track record in the composite industry. Well-experienced in liquid molding processes such as RTM and vacuum infusion, currently focusing on thermoplastic related research and development.

Maarten Bach

Thermoplastics Account Manager, KVE Composites Group

Experienced professional in the field of high tech composites, both on thermoset and thermoplastic materials. Background in aerospace, motorsport and maritime industry in various roles.