Optimizing Mold Release Performance for Advanced Composites

June 01, 2021 |

Proper mold maintenance is critical to ensuring long tool life and consistent part quality performance in composite parts manufacturing.

A significant part of any mold maintenance plan includes consistent and well-managed use of mold release systems to ensure good part release and to protect the tooling surface. This webinar will review the manufacturer’s internal mold release systems, as well as semi-permanent external mold release systems, specifically for advanced composite molding.


  • Optimal mold maintenance procedures
  • Importance of mold primers for composite tooling and low-density prototype substrates
  • Product recommendations for various molding processes
  • Value of internal mold release for high volume molding applications
  • New products for advanced composite applications

Presenter 1:

Russ Powers

Industry Technical Manager - Composites and Aerospace

Russ Powers has over 30 years of experience in the mold release industry—starting in sales where he called on several different industries—that has given him a broad experience and knowledge of many molding applications. He is currently the industry technical manager for composites and aerospace for Chem-Trend, the world's largest mold release manufacturer and a leader in release innovation. His focus is helping Chem-Trend grow their market share in the aerospace and wind industry.