CMS Thermoplastics and Composites Production Equipment: Focused Design to Increase Efficiency, Quality, Safety, and Reliability

August 18, 2020

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The presentation will take a deep dive into understanding the CMS complete solution with respects to eliminating unnecessary handling, reducing footprint, increasing efficiency, and monitoring and controlling outside factors negatively impacting production. Patented control features will be discussed that allow automation and more reliable and predictable processes.

Primary Topics:

  • Material handling solutions and advanced automation
  • Thermo Prophet - smart control & manufacturing solution
  • Leading practices with regards to safety and working environment
  • Technology designed to reduce downtime and increase production

Ken Burleson
Plastics Manager USA/Canada
Ken is currently the Plastic Product Manager for CMS in USA and Canada. Ken has been working in the Automation and Manufacturing Segment for 15 years and has primarily supported Top Tier OEMS in their efforts to procure machinery designed for their specific projects. CMS is a leader worldwide in Thermoforming and Advanced Plastics and Ken transitioned into his current role to support the North American initiative expand this technology.