Materials and Processes for High-Volume Autocomposites Manufacturing

March 29

Automotive OEMs have signaled clearly that composites will enjoy increased use in vehicles of the future, but questions remain about the combination of fiber, resin and manufacturing methods that are best suited for this high-volume, highly demanding manufacturing environment. This CompositesWorld webinar is designed to review and highlight the current state of materials and processing technologies for autocomposites, and provide a glimpse of emerging tools and innovations that could shape the future of this critical end market. CompositesWorld editors will evaluate fiber options, resin options, and processing options for autocomposites manufacturing, including snap-cure epoxies, thermoplastic resins, sheet molding compound, compression molding, resin transfer molding and injection overmolding. Webinar attendees are expected to come away with a clear understanding of how material and machinery suppliers, as well as fabricators, are responding to demands from automotive OEMs for robust, repeatable, high-quality, high-volume composites manufacturing solutions. 

• Current state of the autocomposites industry supply chain 
• Current state of the art in fibers and resins for automotive 
• Current state of the art in processing for automotive 
• Outlook for emerging materials and processes 

• Jeff Sloan, editor-in-chief, CompositesWorld 
• Sara Black, senior editor, CompositesWorld 
• Ginger Gardiner, senior editor, CompositesWorld

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