Exousia announces construction agreement

Exousia Advanced Materials has signed an agreement with Rosewood Corp. to provide structurally insulated panel building components.


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Exousia Advanced Materials Inc. announced on May 2 that it has signed a strategic relationship agreement with Rosewood Corp. to develop international planned communities that use structurally insulated panel (SIPs) building components.

The agreement initially consists of approximately 7,900 homes in four countries and one U.S. Territory. Rosewood has proposed community projects in the Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados, South Africa and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Exousia is to provide structurally insulated building systems and technical expertise for worldwide deployment. Rosewood will provide real estate development services including master planning and infrastructure to create affordable planned residential communities. Exousia anticipates completion of the 7,900 homes over the next five to seven years.

SIP housing envelopes (roofs, walls, etc.) are said to provide an attractive, enclosed structure that is typical of the region. These structural envelopes, prior to finished build-out (cabinets, countertops, etc.), usually sell from $30,000 to $40,000 each, depending on size, design variations and location.

“Our alliance with Rosewood allows Exousia to participate in sizable SIPs-based housing developments that will quickly drive high-volume manufacturing,” says Exousia chairman and CEO, J. Wayne Rodrigue. “This alliance will also help Exousia utilize manufacturing facilities we are in the process of acquiring.”

Exousia develops and commercializes advanced resins, engineered particles, and specialty products based on proprietary science related to the combination of plastic molecules, polymers and rubber composites.