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Carbon fiber used to repair and strengthen Phoenix freeway bridges

Saw a story on my local news that involved composites: The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) said that it has used carbon fiber to help repair and strengthen girders on two Interstate 17 bridges in Phoenix. This marks the first time ADOT has used carbon fiber strips that are coated and strengthened with a reinforcing polymer to fix girders on state highway bridges, which in these two cases had been struck by over-height vehicles.

ADOT said that instead of other repair methods such as injecting epoxy to rebuild sections of the steel-reinforced concrete girders, crews used fiber-reinforced polymer to wrap the damaged girders. The repair work on the two I-17 bridges was completed in May.

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CW Talks: James Austin, CEO, NTPT


The latest episode of CW Talks: the Composites Podcast, has been posted and is ready to be heard. Our guest in episode 6 is James Austin, CEO of Switzerland-based North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT). Austin talk about his early work in composites serving aerospace customers, before migrating to marine composites and, now, his current job leading material and automation specialist NTPT.

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A look inside Fraunhofer ICT


Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (Munich, Germany) is the largest applied research organization in Europe, with more than 67 institutes and research units located throughout Germany staffed by 24,500 people, mostly scientists and engineers. Thirty-four research units are located beyond Germany. More than 70% of the group’s annual budget, which tops 2 billion Euro ($2.35 billion USD), comes from contract research with industry and publicly financed research projects, covering the gamut of scientific topics.  

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AZL’s integrative approach to industrialization of composite and multi-material parts production. SOURCE: AZL digital booklet.

AZL has ongoing projects and partnerships in the following business segments/industries:

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CW Talks talks to Greg Mark of Markforged

Episode 5 of CW Talks: The Composites Podcast has been posted. You can check it out on iTunes, Google Play or at the CompositesWorld website.

Our guest this week is Greg Mark, founder and CEO of Markforged, a manufacturer of 3D priting systems that feature direct placement of continuous carbon fiber reinforcement with a thermoplastic matrix resin. Greg talks to us about how he got into the 3D printing business and what it's been like being the first to market with an additive manufacturing systems that uses continuous (rather than chopped) fiber reinforcement.

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