High-speed engine blade manufacturing

High-speed video of GEnx engine blade manufacturing at CFAN offers a great look at the complexity of composites manufacturing.

Industry News

Pilatus Aircraft Ltd PC-24 built with Hexcel composite materials 
Hexcel’s HexPly 8552 woven prepreg in carbon and glass variants is used to manufacture a number of the aircraft components including the belly fairing.

Lina bio-based car features sandwich composites
Students at TU/Ecomotive have developed an all-electric vehicle that features bio-based composites reinforced with flax fibers.

James Webb Space Telescope primary mirror prepared for testing at Johnson Space Center
The Webb telescope will provide images of the first galaxies ever formed, and explore planets around distant stars.

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Knowledge Centers

Automated tape laying (ATL) and automated fiber placement (AFP)
CGTech helps demystify the process of programming automated composite machinery by introducing the key components of machine independent off-line programming software.
Closed Molding
Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance helps demystify the process of Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance provide you with the latest information about closed mold technologies and the advantages, techniques and opportunities that the closed mold process has over open molding.

CompositesWorld Magazine

May Issue
SMC: Old Dog, New Tricks

Construction & Infrastructure / Glass Fiber

Composites for builders: Establishing structural foundations
Doors open to composites in residential and light commercial construction, above and below ground.

Carbon Fiber / Mass Transit

Modular racking system expedites delivery
Bionic design and anisotropic elements enable this modular racking system concept to fulfill last-mile delivery goals.


Elastomeric tooling system
Rubbercraft (Long Beach, CA, US) introduced at the recent SAMPE Seattle 2017 show a new non-permeable elastomeric tooling system, which is now available.

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