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Pultrusion is a continuous process for the manufacture of composite structures. Parts feature a constant cross-section and are made by pulling continuous reinforced fibers through a resin bath, optionally followed by a separate preforming system, and into a heated die, where the resin undergoes polymerization as the reinforcements are pulled through the die. Resin types typically include polyester, polyurethane, vinyl ester and epoxy. Pultrusion is particularly effective in production of long, relatively narrow parts used as reinforcing members or ribs in a larger structure.


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CAMX 2015 preview: Creative Pultrusions CompositesWorld

Creative Pultrusions Inc. (Alum Bank, PA, US) will emphasize that it has earned ISO 9001:2008 certification.

13th World Pultrusion Conference issues call for papers CompositesWorld

Submission deadline is Oct. 16 for the March 2016 conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

Composites upgrade marine infrastructure CompositesWorld

All-composite docks best concrete in cost and time and aim toward future fastener-less construction for greater savings and sustainability.

Dow Polyurethanes CompositesWorld

Dow Polyurethanes (Midland, MI, US) will introduce the VORAFORCE TP 1200 series, a novel polyurethane solution that enables fast, energy-efficient pultrusion fabrication with low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

CAMX 2015 preview: AkzoNobel CompositesWorld

AkzoNobel (Chicago, IL, US) will showcase at CAMX the three pillars that support its place in the market.

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