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Dassault Inmotion Using Composites in Alternative Energy Industries

Presented by Jeff Sloan, Editor-in-Chief, High-Performance Composites, Composites Technology & CompositesWorld Weekly


Posted on: 7/10/2009
Source: CompositesWorld

The Future is Now

  • Wind blades are turbine-mounted air foils—basically highly engineered wings
  • Design and manufacture of wind blades should emulate design and manufacture of wings and rotors for aerospace applications
  • Best practices in aerospace design and manufacture require use of dynamic and flexible CAD/CAM, simulation and manufacturing systems

This webcast is will help composites professionals understand best practices and options for optimizing wind blade design and manufacturing


  • Wind blades, wind turbine nacelles
  • Bi-polar plates for fuel cells
  • Hydrogen and compressed natural gas storage
  • Marine turbine systems
  • Flywheels for wind energy storage

Wind Blades

  • Fastest-growing segment of composites manufacturing industry
  • Anticipate demand for 140,000 wind blades annually by 2017 — that’s 383 blades/day
  • Current manufacturing technology grew out of boat-building industry and relies on hand layup of composite materials
  • Result is inconsistent quality, high void content in composite structures, high scrap rates, product failure

Wind blade manufacturers demand consistent quality at high speeds

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