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With filament winding, fiber filaments are wetted with a resin and then wound around a rotating mandrel at various angles to meet mechanical requirements. The structure is then cured and the mandrel is removed. Pipe and other hollow parts are made via filament winding.


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A Filament Winder Buyer's Guide

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Digital tension control system CompositesWorld

Helman, which provides a range of tensioner systems for use in composites fabrication, has announced the launch of its next-generation digital electronic control.

Steelhead Composites acquires key machine CompositesWorld

A new neck forming machine aids in production of Type 3 composite pressure vessels.

Resin, manufacturing solutions for automotive, wind, marine CompositesWorld

BASF will feature a number of material and manufacturing solutions for applications in the automotive, wind and marine markets, including a polyurethane for the BMW i3 seat pan and a thermoplastic RTM resin.

Composite flywheels: Finally picking up speed? CompositesWorld

A wave of new composite flywheel developments for bus, rail, auto, heavy truck, construction equipment, and power grid support promises fuel savings, improved efficiency and reduced emissions — i.e. sustainability in the global quest for more energy.

Composite leaf springs: Saving weight in production suspension systems CompositesWorld

Fast-reacting resins and speedier processes are making economical volume manufacturing possible.

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