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With filament winding, fiber filaments are wetted with a resin and then wound around a rotating mandrel at various angles to meet mechanical requirements. The structure is then cured and the mandrel is removed. Pipe and other hollow parts are made via filament winding.


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A Filament Winder Buyer's Guide

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Specifying that new machine with your process and product in mind.
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CFRP adapters deliver high-quality printing at lower cost CompositesWorld

Filament wound, carbon fiber/epoxy cylinders meet customer performance demands.

New 250°F/120°C No Oven No Autoclave epoxy CompositesWorld

Designed for room-temp infusion and filament winding with 2-hr no-heat-added cure or 15-30 min heated cure without post-cure for flexible processing of marine, industrial and energy structures.

CFK-Valley Stade Convention 2015 report CompositesWorld

The composites industry in Germany is preparing for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

CST Composites obtains $1 million government funding CompositesWorld

This will enable the company to continue its push into new larger markets including automotive, oil & gas, mining and defense.

AVANCO: Driving the industrialization of CFRP structures CompositesWorld

The AVANCO Group is producing high-quality CFRP parts into a wide array of applications from six production facilities in Germany and the US.

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