Fine-tuning fiberglass: Smart fiber sizing
Some insights into those proprietary chemistries that can customize performance at the fiber/resin interface.


Imagining the utility of IoT in our increasingly data-driven age
CompositesWorld's editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan imagines one potential outcome of the Internet of Things: inline composite part inspection.

By the Numbers

Gardner Business Index at 43.3 in June
Compared with one year ago, future capital spending plans are up by 43%.

Composites: Perspectives and Provocations

Follow the leader — or maybe not
The easy explanation for lack of proliferation of carbon composites is the “not invented here” syndrome.

Composites: Past, Present and Future

How to win in carbon composites for the automotive market
Of all the material options, only CFRP offers the potential for weight savings greater than 50%.

Composites: Design & Testing

The FAA: Keeping up with aerocomposites evolution
Composite and metallic structures must conform to the same performance-based standard of safety.

Inside Manufacturing

Converting the structural chassis to composites
Germany’s largest producer of GRP leaf springs for cars and trucks broadens its product range to CFRP stabilizer bars, which cut weight 50% vs. steel.


Carbon fiber lightens medical laser chassis
Reduced weight shortens surgical and diagnostic procedures.

Composite tanks best stainless steel over road, rail and sea
One-piece, filament wound containers cost less, hold more, last longer.

Focus on Design

Precision design for deployable space structures
Enabling SMAP mission success, unprecedented design requirements were deftly managed using composites in the largest unfurling and rotating reflector to date.

Products and Literature

· High-temperature tooling board


Sizing for carbon fiber
This sidebar to CW's August 2016 feature story on sizings for glass fiber outlines the current thrust of inquiry into sizings for carbon fibers.