Green resins: Closer to maturity
As more players approach the market, R&D expands, but overall market growth in the composites arena is still slow but steady.


Tracking energy costs and resin prices
The price of crude oil has, over the past year, dropped precipitously, and resin prices have, as a result, stopped going up. CW editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan asks what this might mean to the composites professional.

By the Numbers

CW Business Index at 44.8 – Contraction continues in October
Steve Kline, Jr., the director of market intelligence for Gardner Business Media Inc. (Cincinnati, OH, US), the publisher of CompositesWorld magazine, reviews the CompositesWorld Business Index through October 2015.

Composites: Perspectives and Provocations

Structural adhesives: Plus ça change ….
A CW columnist and the chief commercialization officer for the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI, Knoxville, TN, US), Dale Brosius makes the case that, in both the aerospace and automotive sectors, it’s time to develop robust adhesive alternatives to fasteners.

Inside Manufacturing

Reducing manufacturing cost via RTM
Airbus Bremen aims to replace dozens of prepreg components and assembly operations with a unitized multispar composite flap molded in a one-shot process.


Classic harps in carbon fiber
Lever and pedal models less cumbersome, still classy.

Focus on Design

Volvo 65: Identical and optimal composite spars and rigging
“One design” concept takes the boat out of the yacht-racing equation, pitting teams against the wind, sea … and each other.


CMF project's process combines prepress with RTM
In its goal to simplify production of outboard wing flaps for narrow body aircraft during its Composite Multispar Flap (CMF) project, the Airbus Bremen (Bremen, Germany) team demonstrated fabricating the parts using the Same Qualified Resin Transfer Molding (SQRTM) process, developed by Radius Engineering (Salt Lake City, UT, US).

Green resins: Automotive research on the rise
In the automotive industry, R&D activities are increasing in the area of bio-based resin systems as the pressure to lightweight auto parts and participate in sustainability and recyclability programs mounts.

Work in Progress

Cruise-capable rotorcraft exploits the performance of composites
The Carter Aviation Personal Air Vehicle combines the best of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, in an all-carbon composite design.