Automotive composites: Thermosets for the fast zone
Epoxies continue to be developed for faster cure to meet automotive production rates.


Some thoughts on the M&A "heat wave"
CompositesWorld's editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan takes some admittedly educated guesses at the significance of the six momentous acquisitions that were announced in the short space from mid-July through early August in the composites industry.

By the Numbers

CW Business Index at 48.0 – Lowest since July 2013
Steve Kline, Jr. is the director of market intelligence for Gardner Business Media Inc. (Cincinnati, OH, US), the publisher of CompositesWorld magazine. Here, he presents the CompositesWorld Business Index, a measure of the relative health of the US composites industry, for the month of July 2015.

Composites: Perspectives and Provocations

Outer space: The “final frontier” is exciting again!
CW contributor Dale Brosius, a composites industry consultant and the chief commercialization officer for the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI), points to evidence that the composites industry will, once again, be the beneficiary of renewed drive for space exploration.

Inside Manufacturing

Composites upgrade marine infrastructure
All-composite docks best concrete in cost and time and aim toward future fastener-less construction for greater savings and sustainability.


Composite brackets for life-of-aircraft service
Reinforced PEEK molding formulated for jet fuel/hydraulic fluid immersion.

Focus on Design

Automotive front axle: A glass act
The development of glass-fiber reinforced car axle is a sign of the new, expanded role composites will play in the design of future automobiles.


Aeroengine Composites, Part 2: CFRPs expand
Proven in fan blade/case applications, carbon fiber-reinforced polymers migrate to previously unanticipated destinations nearer the engine “hot zone.”

Plant Tour

Mubea Carbo Tech: High-quality auto composites go high-volume
Known for its precision and technical acumen in CFRP motorsports structures, MCT draws from its steel auto parts parent to push high-performance and industrial production to new plateaus.

Products and Literature

· 3D measurement software upgraded

· High-tensile modulus carbon fiber for aero, auto composites

· Metrology software updated

· Multi-valve for bag-based infusion

· PET structural foam

· Thermoplastic prepreg

· Vision system for textile inspection

· Water washout tooling material


HP-RTM: A means, not an end
This side story to CW's Plant Tour of Mubea Carbo Tech explores MCT's HP-RTM technologies.

Mini-autoclaves for visual carbon parts
This side story to CW's Plant Tour of Mubea Carbo Tech spotlights the company's mini-autoclaves.

Work in Progress

Rapid tooling breakthrough: Fused particle technology
Super-fast, inexpensive tooling is ideal for low-pressure molding processes and low production volumes.