New Methodologies for Modeling, Simulation and Testing Automotive Lightweight Materials Conference

July 26 - 27, 2017

Modelling and simulation of lightweight material & bonding joint can be an expensive process at design stage. Building prototypes and testing in a crash scenario is both time consuming and costly. Thus, it is imperative for OEMs to discover New Methodologies to help to reduce the gap in simulation results and physical testing data.

New Methodologies For Modeling, Simulation And Testing Congress 2017 will be taking place in Detroit, Michigan onJuly 26-27  2017 . The event will showcase over 20+ methodologies from leading OEMs, CAE experts and material experts to help you streamline your modelling and simulation processes to achieve overall cost efficiency at vehicle design stage.


Crowne Plaza Detroit Downtown Riverfront
2 Washington Blvd.
Detroit, MI United States