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April 2013
New tackifier integrates with resin

3M introduces a new tackifier system called Adjustable Composite Positioning System 11095.

Posted on: 4/9/2013
Source: Composites Technology

3M (St. Paul, Minn.) showed at COMPOSITES 2013 an array of products, including a new tackifier system called Adjustable Composite Positioning System 11095. The product is compatible with vinyl ester, polyester and epoxy and is unaffected by ambient temperatures and humidity, says the company. Further, it has a very effective tack mechanism that does not impact laminate shear properties because it integrates with the resin during part infusion. The company says 11095 can maintain the position of reinforcements for days without sagging. The product is available in drums, pails or 24-oz spray cans. Also new from 3M is its nanoenhanced Fortified Tooling Prepreg. Compared to standard epoxy tooling prepregs, says 3M, it features 55 percent greater fracture toughness, 17 percent higher shear strength, 47 percent less spring back, 61 percent less exotherm and 33 percent less shrinkage. Testing, says 3M, shows that after 200 cycles from 120°F to 350°F (49°C to 177°C), tools made with the prepreg showed no vacuum leaks. 3M also says it exhibits less scuffing and scratching than competitive materials, thereby minimizing part rework and resulting in reduced manufacturing costs.  

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