STIGA Sports to apply Oxeon carbon fiber fabric to table tennis paddles

Oxeon's TeXtreme spread tow carbon fiber reinforcements will be used to fabricate STIGA's line of table tennis blades (paddles).

STIGA Sports AB (Eskilstuna, Sweden), a market-leading brand within table tennis, reports that it has turned to Oxeon's (Borås, Sweden) TeXtreme spread tow carbon fiber reinforcements to help maximize performance of its blades (paddles).

“The partnership with TeXtreme is a major step for us in the constant search for bringing the most innovative products in the sport. We are happy to have found such a renowned supplier in Sweden that matches our high demands for carbon fiber materials,” says Mats Bandstigen, CEO of STIGA Sports AB.

Henrik Blycker, CEO of Oxeon AB, says, We are thrilled to have entered this partnership with STIGA and to move into another area where the unique benefits of TeXtreme technology come to use. With our knowledge and flexibility in producing the best possible carbon fiber reinforcements, and STIGA’s expertise of table tennis, we have set up a fruitful cooperation, hopefully leading to important victories in the future.

Bandstigen continues, “The proficiency of STIGA’s R&D department, combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures, makes it possible for STIGA to constantly provide new, innovative and unsurpassed products. The combination of the finest wood, high-end TeXtreme material and craftsmanship make STIGA’s blades the best that nature and science can offer.”

The retail launch of the new STIGA blades is set for beginning of 2015.