New carbon fiber piano takes the stage

A radical flowing redesign of the concert piano incorporating carbon fiber composites is released by Hungarian pianist Bogányi.

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The Bogányi piano is built upon a lifetime desire to improve upon traditional pianos with fresh, innovative sound and design. Gergely Bogányi, a world-renowned Hungarian pianist, is the force behind this project. He wanted to obtain the clearest, boldest and highest quality sound possible with a beautiful, artful design with waves, curves and clean lines. A significant feature is the more open design, with only two legs, which reportedly helps to better direct sound to the audience.

The piano incorporates a unique and weather-resistant carbon composite soundboard, within a modified metal and wood piano frame that produces crystal clear sound unaffected by humidity, and allows it to hold its tune much longer. Bogányi and collaborators spent 10 years researching and designing the project, which is produced by Louis Renner (Gärtringen, Germany). The soundboard's design incorporates a modified "agraffe" (French for staple) system of securing the strings to the soundboard for improved sound.