Integral enters intro strategic agreement with Conductive Composites

Conductive Composites will establish a separate manufacturing line in a new facility dedicated to producing nickel-plated carbon fiber (NiC) exclusively for ElectriPlast.

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Integral Technologies Inc. (Bellingham, WA, US) and its wholly owned subsidiary ElectriPlast Corp. announced on Jan. 8 the signing of a strategic memorandum of understanding with its long‐time nickel-plated carbon fiber (NiC) manufacturer, Conductive Composites (Heber City, UT, US).

“This is a significant milestone and commitment for us,” says Doug Bathauer, Integral’s CEO. “We have extensively researched a variety of conductive fibers critical for the manufacture of ElectriPlast and found Conductive Composites to be the best specialty nickel-plated carbon fiber supplier for us.”

The MOU establishes a relationship under which Conductive Composites will establish a separate manufacturing line in a new facility dedicated to producing NiC exclusively for ElectriPlast. Integral will be responsible for supplying the equipment, and Conductive Composites will provide turnkey technical and operational support in manufacturing the NiC.

“We’re excited about this opportunity,” says Nathan Hansen, president of Conductive Composites. “We’ve created an incredible NiC product line, and there is no other company in the world capable of matching our quality and product consistency. Demand for our product across many different markets can make it challenging to meet the timely needs of a growing company like ElectriPlast. We appreciate the commitment Integral is making to always ensure the ready availability of our products for their customers.”

Integral’s patented ElectriPlast manufacturing technology produces a conductive thermoplastic pellet used for a variety of EMI shielding applications in the automotive, cable and wire, and consumer electronics industries. “The conductive fiber is a critical element in our product because it needs to be lightweight, electrically conductive and cost competitive,” says ElectriPlast’s CTO Mo Zeidan. “We have experimented with many conductive fibers and our technical analysis is that Conductive Composites NiC meets those requirements the best. Conductive Composites is the only company that is able to customize the plating with state of the art CVD technology. This process allows precise plating levels with the best quality to optimize the electrical performance. In addition, this is critical for Electriplast since our Flexible Content Technology (FCT) enables us to provide a variety of products to meet different customer shielding, weight and cost requirements.” 

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