Honda Aircraft pushes HondaJet to late 2014

Flight Global reports that problems with the new jet engine on the HondaJet is forcing Honda Aircraft to delay certification about a year

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Flight Global reported on May 7 that Honda Aircraft (Greensboro, N.C., USA) says certification of the composites-intensive HA­420 HondaJet is delayed by about a year to late­ 2014 as development of the light jet's new engine continues to fall behind schedule.

The five-­passenger HA­420 was supposed to be delivered to customers by late 2013, or several months after the Honda/General Electric HF120 completed its own certification process this month.

According to the report, Honda Aircraft now says the 2,000-lb ­thrust (1,400kW) HF120 will not achieve certification until the end of this year. Honda Aircraft declined to offer specifics.

The report says the HF120's turbofan failed a critical ice slab test in a certification trial in February 2011, which delayed the project by one year already. Honda Aircraft has built four flying prototypes, of which three are involved in early flight tests.

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