Bombardier's Learjet 85 delayed to 2014

Originally scheduled for entry into service in 2013, Bombardier has delayed the Learjet 85 composites-intensive business jet to 2014, following resolution of unspecified technical challenges.

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Bombardier (Montrèal, Quebec, Canada) announced in its fourth quarter earnings statement on Feb. 21 that the Learjet 85 business jet, originally scheduled for entry into service in 2013, is being delayed to 2014. 

The company said in its statement: "The Learjet 85 aircraft program is making solid progress, having achieved several key milestones. The first flight test aircraft is significantly advanced: the complete pressure fuselage, including the nose, aft fuselage and empennage have been joined, the landing gear has been installed and the wing is attached to the fuselage. However, while we have successfully dealt with several new technology challenges, the program’s timeline has been impacted. Entry­into­ service is now scheduled for summer 2014."

Bombardier also said in the same statement that it expects to deliver 190 business aircraft and 55 commercial aircraft in 2013.