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Industry News
Airbus strengthens ties with Chinese composites joint venture

With the increased Airbus investment, the Harbin Hafei Airbus Composite Manufacturing Centre (HMC) will increase production of A320 rudders from 50 percent of global production to 80 percent.

Posted on: 2/24/2014
Source: CompositesWorld

Airbus (Toulouse, France) reported on Feb. 19 that it is increasing its share in the Harbin Hafei Airbus Composite Manufacturing Centre (HMC), from 20 to 25 percent. The agreement was signed by Günter Butschek, Airbus COO and Geng Ruguang, AVIC executive vice president.

The joint venture, which was set up in 2009, is between Airbus and a group of Chinese partners. AVIC (the Aviation Industry Corporation of China) is the holding group of major Chinese shareholding companies that own the center.

Following the agreement, the HMC will increase the production of A320 rudders from 50 percent of the total production worldwide to 80 percent. The two parties will also work toward ensuring the ramp-up of the A350 XWB work packages at the HMC and also commit to exploring other opportunities.

“We are delighted Airbus has increased its equity in the joint venture and plans to increase the production rates of the manufacturing center,” says Ruguang. “Since it was set up in 2009, the Harbin Manufacturing Centre has progressed to become the best composite material aerostructures manufacturing facility in China. The roadmap Airbus and AVIC are envisaging will ensure the ongoing development of the manufacturing center.”

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