Sprayup is a traditional open-mold process in which chopped fiber and thermoset resin is sprayed on to a mold, consolidated and then cured. This process dominated composites for many years but is gradually being replaced by closed-mold processes like resin transfer molding (RTM).
Step 5: The outer screen is robotically removed (large top shown).

Rapid Fiber Preforming On A Large Scale

A proven alternative to open molding of big parts.


Passenger Safety: Flame, Smoke and Toxicity Control

Tried, true -- and some new -- FST-resistant products for manufacturers of composites in rail- and road-based people movers.
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JEC World 2019 preview: Huntsman

Huntsman Corp. (Everberg, Belgium, 6/M31) is introducing a new RIMLINE HC+ PU resin system that is said to offer significant benefits for automotive interior vehicle design and efficiency.