Airborne, JETCAM develop digital interface for automated kitting

Integration of Airborne’s automated kitting solution and JETCAM’s CrossTrack software provides seamless data exchange for automated kitting of composite plies. 
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Additive Manufacturing

Orbex secures $24 million funding round for U.K. space launch

New funding secures roadmap to first launch of composites-intensive Orbex Prime rocket from Sutherland spaceport in Scotland. 
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Fraunhofer IPT automates production of thermoplastic CFRP engine fan blades

Successful first demonstrations on 16-mm-thick CF/PA12 to be followed by CF/PEEK tapes and embedded sensors for structural health monitoring (SHM).


Fraunhofer IFAM automates pre-assembly of CFRP fuselage frames

Positioning and drilling end effector for automated, high-precision and quality-assured pre-assembly developed with Airbus in German-funded “Tempo” sub-project.

Additive Manufacturing

Bosch venture division invests in Arris, opening new market opportunities

Arris plans to expand its high-performance, high-volume Additive Molding technology to new industries and regions.

Compression Molding

Carbon fiber automotive parts production industrialized via C-RTM process

Compression resin transfer molding overcame the difficulty in shaping CFRP car parts with development time reduced by 50%.

Carbon Fibers

Clean Sky 2 IMCOLOR project develops integrated manufacturing process for lightweight product design

Multi-shot injection molding process and thermoplastic automated fiber placements with in-situ consolidation for automated, easy-to-reproduce parts that perform at high mechanical levels.

Additive Manufacturing

Arkema acquires Colorado Photopolymer Solutions, grows 3D printing expertise

The acquisition will compliment the Sartomer line’s photocure resins product offerings and move Arkema further along to become a pure Specialty Materials player by 2024.


Capital injection enables Fiberline Composite wind sector growth

ABN AMRO’s Energy Transition Fund acquired 34% of Fiberline shares, implements ambitious growth strategy for pultruded wind blades.

Additive Manufacturing

NASA looks to advance 3D printing construction systems for the Moon and Mars

Off-world construction is taken to a new level with NASA’s MMPACT project, which will test lunar soil simulant with various processing and printing technologies to determine 3D printing feasibility in space.